Native projects

State Asset Wars

In partnership with Xequals, I have been developing a cross-platform mobile game called State Asset Wars. Inspired by the popular trading game Dope Wars, it puts a dark satirical spin on national and international politics.

On this project I have taken a leadership role, and have spearheaded UI design and development, while also providing creative direction on that front.

At my suggestion the game is being developed in Unity, for release across Android and iOS.

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Prod Timer

In the absence of any tools on the market fulfilling their needs, EightyOne got me to design and develop a time management tool for OS X.

Specifically, they needed a simple yet powerful tool which would enable each of their employees and freelancers to easily track their time worked against any given job and upload timesheet entries to WorkflowMax.

Through ongoing discussions with the future users, I created wireframes and iterated functionality and layout to suit their needs.

The final application makes it easy for users to track just the jobs that are relevant to them, even when working with other applications. With just two clicks they can track time against a job. The application adapts to the user's workflow with a range of display and behaviour options, and automatically resolves network issues so the user does not need to worry about the backend.

Furthermore, I designed the aesthetics of the UI to be clean and simple with a view to the future, bridging the gap between the then-current version of OS X (Mavericks), and as-yet unseen subsequent iterations.

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