Game design projects

State Asset Wars

In partnership with Xequals, I have been developing a cross-platform mobile game called State Asset Wars. Inspired by the popular trading game Dope Wars, it puts a dark satirical spin on national and international politics.

On this project I have taken a leadership role, and have spearheaded UI design and development, while also providing creative direction on that front.

At my suggestion the game is being developed in Unity, for release across Android and iOS.

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In the Bag

In conjunction with and Buy NZ, the digital production studio Xequals wanted to build a Facebook game to promote New Zealand brands.

Xequals brought me on to be involved in all aspects of the design and development process.

In addition to contributing to the multiple aspects of the game and interaction design, I was one of the primary developers, using the web game development tool Construct, as well as plenty of custom javascript and PHP to build the game.

The final game forms the basis of an active marketing campaign aimed at driving brand recognition and engagement, with the support of numerous local brands who contributed prizes for top players.

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Greedy Grunters

For a startup I was involved in (Spoink Games!), Hungry Piggies was redeveloped as a 2.5D Flash game designed to integrate with Facebook.

In this instance I was responsible for the bulk of the development work, as well as some UI design.

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