Back-end projects

My second personal website, was inspired in name and visuals by skeleton clocks - these are clocks where the ornamentation is provided by the innards and movements of the clock itself.

I designed the site as a stack of cards which is navigating using static arrow buttons and a set of tabs at the top of the page. Each card slides in or off from the side of the screen and contains a category of my works, which can be scrolled vertically just like any conventional page. I also included separate interstitial pages like plates in a book, as a canvas for interactive animations I had developed.

The whole site was built on the ASP.NET CMS Umbraco, with lots of modular Javascript on the front-end to manage transitions.

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EightyOne is a design and production studio with which I have had a long working relationship.

Due to my expertise in web and UX, I was involved early in the process of creating a website to represent them.

With my design input, they created visual layouts which I was then responsible for turning into a living, fully responsive website.

The final site was built on Silverstripe CMS, using a lot of custom PHP and Javascript code to adapt it to different devices. And to give the site visual dynamism, I incorporated CSS animations to make elements slide or fade in as required.


The production studio Prod required a new website as a point of contact with clients and potential clients. I helped them design and was responsible for implementing this site.

Due to the nature of their working partnerships it is not always possible to publicly present work they have done. So they decided to use the site to convey a sense of taste and open possibilities through the showcasing of interesting imagery. The site also included a secure area for clients to log in and view the progress of jobs for which the studio was performing work. For this I was responsible for both the UI design and implementation.

For this I implemented and laid out the functionality for displaying a different image and text each day of the week. And through the use of dynamic CSS and SVG graphics, I provided the means to coordinate the colour scheme of the site with the imagery, right down to the colour of the company logo.

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Team Sports Australasia

Team Sports Australasia is a Nike sportswear distributor for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

I was responsible for implementing a new website design for them, from provided visuals.

For this I designed and implemented advanced interactivity to enable the browsing of products, display store locations relative to the user's location, amongst other things. Most of this interactivity was built to adapt to a wide range of devices, from desktops to smartphones. All of this was built on the Silverstripe CMS, using much custom Javascript and PHP.

This website build was deployed to form both the Australian and New Zealand websites. The finished Australian site in particular was commended by Nike itself as a model distributor website.

To develop my web design and development skills, but also to showcase the design projects I have completed, I built my first website.

Through this website I wanted to present the broad range of work I had done to that point, and convey my experience across the whole design-development continuum. I also specifically wanted the site to be fully responsive as is expected from a modern website, and to express some of my aesthetic sensibilities.

The site design went through several iterations, and was built from scratch in ASP.NET, together with HTML5, Javascript, and Sass/CSS for styling.

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