ASP.NET projects

My second personal website, was inspired in name and visuals by skeleton clocks - these are clocks where the ornamentation is provided by the innards and movements of the clock itself.

I designed the site as a stack of cards which is navigating using static arrow buttons and a set of tabs at the top of the page. Each card slides in or off from the side of the screen and contains a category of my works, which can be scrolled vertically just like any conventional page. I also included separate interstitial pages like plates in a book, as a canvas for interactive animations I had developed.

The whole site was built on the ASP.NET CMS Umbraco, with lots of modular Javascript on the front-end to manage transitions.

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To develop my web design and development skills, but also to showcase the design projects I have completed, I built my first website.

Through this website I wanted to present the broad range of work I had done to that point, and convey my experience across the whole design-development continuum. I also specifically wanted the site to be fully responsive as is expected from a modern website, and to express some of my aesthetic sensibilities.

The site design went through several iterations, and was built from scratch in ASP.NET, together with HTML5, Javascript, and Sass/CSS for styling.

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